Streaming is a concept that has been on the rise since Netflix launched its live streaming platform. In the casino gaming industry, streaming has gained popularity in the past to years. After the pandemic hit, visiting physical casinos for entertainment became difficult. As a result, many gamblers turned to mobile casinos Canada. In 2019, The Verge exposed a list comparing potent game streaming services in the world. 



In 2020, Influence Marketing Hub reported a 220.5 million rise in occasional e-sport live stream viewers and an additional 215.4 million enthusiasts. BBC also reports that over 439 million people watched esports live in 2020. Today, Netflix has over 167 million subscriptions. The same rise is expected in the casino industry, all because of streaming. So, how is streaming changing the gambling industry?

  • Better Entertainment Timelines
  • Specialized/Custom Made Offers
  • Excellent Marketing Techniques 
  • Increased Earning Opportunities 

Better Entertainment Timelines 

Time is a special and valuable commodity for every individual. In this fast-paced world, time has become limited, and finding time to set aside for gambling or entertainment is difficult. Small Screen reports that “many players are looking for ways to incorporate entertainment in a short period without impacting their regular activities. For instance, short periods include walking to work, during a break in the office or when relaxing for 15 minutes in the park.” Casinos have exploited the timelines by providing games that can fit in within the 15 minutes break. You can log into a casino, place a wager and engage in an interactive slots game through live casinos. You also get the results immediately on whether you win or lose. 



The gaming experience in a live streaming feature through a casino can be described as a “Quickfire Experience.” Plus, you do not need a PC or desktop to play with your smartphone. You are good to go anytime, anywhere. Plus, the casino has some of the most enhanced game graphics and induces immersive experiences that are hard to ignore or come by. As a result, the casino industry is experiencing a boost with streaming services, and the transition shows that the industry will be dominant! 

Specialized/Custom Made Offers 

Forbes Magazine estimates the gambling or gaming industry to be worth around 150 billion dollars. The revenue is associated with the rise in streaming services for live casinos across the globe. Today, games such as poker, which were “High Stakes Titles,” are now accessible on any live casino gaming table from anywhere in the world. Any individual with a PC or a Smartphone can play live blackjack and place immaculate wagers anytime! 

Plus, stream any special game titles on your select gaming platforms. PCMag lists the best game streaming services and the hardware you may require to create a custom-made gaming platform in your own space. Gaming Providers are also designing games for use on specific streaming services. Therefore, players have to find the right software applications and quality hardware to play these games. These game titles are tailor-made to suit specific individuals or gamers who desire a longer gaming time or desire a hobby while visiting casinos online. Plus, you do not need to make big money deposits to find an engaging and entertaining casino game to live stream with ample in-game prizes and winning opportunities. 

Excellent Marketing Techniques 

Online casino streaming provides excellent marketing techniques and opportunities. Providers can now make their announcements, and potential game reveals through streamers and streaming services. For instance, PlayStation and Microsoft recently streamed on their game consoles launching in the market. The streams highlight the features of the consoles, games on offer, and direct players on how to play, use the various control features, and much more. 

Providers can also list the new game types, post on live streams for content review, and revise the games before a proper launch/release. Casino game titles are unique and special to players. However, providers are competitors, and each requires a top or trending game title. Through the live streaming services, providers highlight the new games on offer, indicate the potential benefits of betting on one of their games, and show off the graphics or gameplay before a launch. It helps create the best marketing buzz and interest, such that when the game goes live, gamers pounce on it driving revenue sky high. Plus, fans can conduct game reviews, both positive and negative, and post them on live streams for others to see. 


Increased Earning Opportunities 

Streaming offers better betting opportunities to the player. For instance, in live match streaming in any live casinos, you can play in-play bets. According to the European Business Review Site, for instance, in a regular esports match, you can wager throughout the event. Streaming live means that players get more time to evaluate the teams and develop a betting strategy. Thus, when the opportunity to place an in-play bet arises, players take advantage driving better prizes. 

Streaming is providing cool employment opportunities for gaming fans. After a busy day at work, you can stream live when playing online casino games of your choice. You can offer gambling advice on YouTube, stream a live poker match and show how to win without increasing costs in a casino. The live-streamed games show players how to navigate specific levels or complete a specific quest. You can find sponsorships for your online live casino streaming activities. Casinos desire a boost in their services, and to reach the lead generation or grow the casino brand may require constant streaming services. Most of these chances are paid work!

It is not surprising to find social media influencers selling a specific casino game on their live streams. In most instances, the stream will come with a prompt to “click on the link” to visit the online casino. The process not only boosts traffic but also leads to increased subscriptions for the casino. Higher subscriptions often translate to better deposits and, thus, higher profits. 


Live streaming in an online casino isn’t only for live casino games. You can also stream esports or your betting process, depending on the game. Streaming on social media and other platforms can boost traffic, increase subscriptions and raise interest and revenue in the gambling industry. The transformations are excellent, highly engaging, and immersive for a regular punter. As a result, streaming has become much more interesting for regular players, especially with new streaming technologies!