These days we all could use a little self-care. Remedio Wellness to the rescue. The hemp-based wellness brands uses cannabinoid-rich formulas made from broad-spectrum hemp cultivated in the US. ( It doesn’t contain THC, which is what causes the so-called ‘ high’ .)

For many, hemp products provide a sense of calm and wellness, and anecdotal evidence suggests hemp has numerous health benefits.

We tried the Remedio ‘Rest Drops’ ($69) which are said to help you fall off into a deep, relaxed sleep, and the ‘Drops’ ($29) which contain 500mg broad-spectrum hemp tincture to promote calm and focus, plus the anti-inflammatory properties help your natural body chemistry.

We had a friend — who has recently had a terrible time hitting snoozeville — try the ‘Rest’ drops, and she was thrilled:

“It’s really nice! Has very calming effects and alleviates mild anxiety or just calms my thoughts.”

Remedio’s new ‘Soothe’ balm ($49.) has a lovely, faint scent (that’s the botanical oils) and moisturizes the skin and helps repair the dermis. In a few days, you’ll begin to notice a difference. (It helped us clear up a nasty red mark left from a pimple.) There’s 1000mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract in every jar.

Unlike some other brands, REMEDIO products contain enough hemp to really make a difference — and lists it right on the bottle. Don’t be fooled into paying good money for products that either don’t list how much hemp they contain, or if they only have a small percentage.

We’re sticking with REMEDIO.



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