New York State set an alraming new record for positive Covid tests, with approximately   22,478 positive cases…in one day.

Cases are rising “sharply” but hospitalizations are not, according to the city’s health commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi.

“Right now, there are about a thousand people hospitalized with Covid-19 across New York City. That’s about a quarter of where we were at the peak of last winter’s wave and less than a tenth of where we were in the spring of 2020,” he told CNN.

The Omicron variant is “likely to be the greatest” threat for the unvaccinated, Chokshi added.

“The fact that New York City has built up our vaccination rate, we have over 70% of our entire population that’s fully vaccinated, it will help. It’s a sea wall against the Omicron wave. We have to continue building upon that with booster doses and getting as many people vaccinated as possible,” he said Monday.

The city continues to ramp up testing, which is critical in breaking the chain of transmission. If you suspect you may have COVID — even before you have a chance to test — isolate immediately. And call your doctor.

As America’s most populous city, New York is a bellweather for the rest of the nation.