As a new and first-time mom, I literally had no idea what I needed, enter Beluga Baby, the must- have for any new mom and dad! 



The hands-free bamboo/cotton blend carrier comes in 10 fun colors and nicely priced at $79.95. We ordered the black one as we thought it would be the best color for both my husband and myself to use, not to mention easy to machine wash and not show every stain (babies throw up ALL the time!)





My favorite part of the Beluga Baby wrap are the amazing benefits for both baby and parent! 

  • Soothes gas and colic for your baby
  • Helps moms, dads and babies bond
  • Combats postpartum depression
  • Gives mom and dads the hands hands-free freedoms


The stretchy wrap simulates a womb-like environment for the baby, calming them, regulating body temperature, blood sugar levels, and hormones, and assisting with bonding. Wearing your baby helps stimulate milk production and alerts you earlier to your baby’s hunger cues.

What more would a new parent want?

For more information visit Beluga Baby.