It is not an everyday occurrence for a gambler to hit the jackpot. So when one finally achieves this feat, it is considered a big deal. Just one jackpot is enough to change your entire fortune and make you live comfortably for life. To win a news-breaking jackpot, gamblers have to be very lucky, and several people have proven that they have just the luck to achieve this.



When you play online jackpot, you might be praying to your stars that you win big. However, how big do you believe you can win? A survey found that most gamblers consider a few hundred thousand dollars as a jackpot that can change their lives. Others were more than satisfied to win even less, and that has proven that most people do not believe that winning way more than that is logically possible.

Hundreds of players worldwide have proven that nothing is impossible with historical wins that have created generational wealth which would last for decades. Some of the most remarkable successes will be revisited in this article.



Powerball ($1.586 billion)

This billion-dollar win broke world records in 2016 as the largest prize ever awarded to a lottery winner. Though several people have won billion-dollar prizes, no one has ever won above a billion dollars, and this win is still the largest to date.

This jackpot made headlines for days, and every gambler in the United States knew about this historic win, and it was split between the owners of the three winning tickets. The winners all got a third of the prize, which was about $533 million each before the deduction of taxes.

John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee were the first winners of the jackpot. Maureen Smith and her husband, David Kaltschmidt, from Florida, also won a third of the prize and employed the services of a Trust agency to manage their newly acquired fortune. The couple who won the last third were Mae and Marvin Acosta from California, and they came forward to announce this after about six months. They noted that they planned to donate most of their prize to charities.



Mega Millions ($1.537 billion)

Two years after Powerball’s historic win, Mega Millions came very close to breaking their record and joined the billion-dollar winners club in 2018. Though it is lower than Powerball’s win of a few thousand, Mega Millions win still set history for the world’s largest prize ever with a single ticket. In addition, the victory was the second prize to have ever passed the billion-dollar threshold in the world.

Since South Carolina is one state that permits lottery winners to anonymously claim their prizes, the winner of this jackpot anonymously claimed the award a few weeks before its deadline. The winner also chose the cash option and got roughly $878 million after taxes were deducted.

Mega Millions ($1.05 billion)

In the billion-dollar spirit, another lucky winner joined the gang, winning the third-largest lottery prize to be recorded in history. It was also the biggest prize ever to be won in Michigan. An Oakland lottery club finally claimed the prize and opted for the cash payment.


The total amount received was about $557 million after the tax deduction. Many gamblers today prefer to play online jackpots as it is possible to avoid this extreme reduction thanks to the introduction of digital currencies into the casino world.

Powerball ($768.4 million)

With less than a thousand dollars to his name, Manuel Franco tested just how lucky he could get, and it ended up paying off for him. He bought his ticket in Wisconsin and ended up being the winner of the biggest Powerball single ticket of all time. Manuel is also one of the youngest winners of Powerball, as he was only 24 when he became a multimillionaire.

He noted that he had been playing since he was of legal age to play and finally got lucky after a few years. He also chose the cash payment and took home about $326 million after deducting all his taxes. Franco became a multimillionaire in less than a year after his huge bet paid off.


Time and time again, it has been proven that there is nothing impossible in the gambling world. People have become billionaires with just a ticket, and a bet has changed their history.

The wins reviewed in this article are only a few of the most remarkable ones, as thousands of people worldwide have won impossible jackpots with less than $100. Nothing stops you from making your unbelievable win, as you can also play online jackpots.