A visibly frustrated President Trump whined at the daily White House briefings that  ‘The media would like to see me do poorly in an election,’ saying it’s his opponents who are keeping people from going back to work.

‘I think there are certain people who would like it not to open so quickly and they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls,’ he said.

Blaming the media (once again) the President snapped at the reporters:

‘There are people in your profession that would like that to happen. I think it’s very clear — I think it’s very clear that there are people in your profession that write fake news. You do.’

Remember it was only yesterday that the President said he wanted the country to go back to work on ‘Easter’ which is only in 19 days.

‘I thought it was a beautiful time. A beautiful timeline,’ he said at his daily White House briefing on the coronavirus outbreak.

It just shows that the President cares more about his re-election chances, which he pegged on a strong economy, than the American people.

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