There’s a beauty mask for anything; treatment mask, infusion gel mask, ones for lips and eyes, modeling masks, and even one for your butt (more on those later.)

And for quick results, nothing beats a good mask, whether you’re looking for an instant glow or charcoal-powered detox for dull skin. It’s also an affordable decadence when you can’t afford a day at the spa — or can’t go due to a global pandemic.

One of our favorite brands — after extensive testing — is ACEOLOGY. 


One of our favorite go-to masks is the Frose Infusion Gel Mask for when our skin is just ‘blah.’ We use them once a week to hydrate and revive our skin. Rose petals infused in a transdermal sheet, lets the botanical cocktail sink into your skin. (Pro Tip: Leave it on for at least 30 minutes for the best benefit.) $64 for four masks.

For stressed, itchy skin nothing beats Aceology’s  Green T. Infusion Gel Mask which blends green tea, evening primrose, and mirabilis Jalapa flower to gently reduce redness and detoxify the epidermis. $64. Perfect after a long flight (though who knows when we’ll be taking one of those again.)

Isn’t this a perfect time to schedule a spa sesh…with yourself?


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