There are lots of reasons why you might choose to keep your cat indoors. Some pets have health conditions that mean they need to stay inside, while other people worry about their cat killing mice, birds and other small animals in the garden. Similarly, if your house is located near a busy road, then the area might not be safe for cats to roam freely in.



Happily, studies have found that indoor cats tend to live longer lives than those who go outside, because they are kept safe from traffic, predation, disease and other dangers. On the other hand, as an owner you need to take extra steps to ensure that your cat is happy in the house all day. Here are some top tips.

Shower them with love and attention

The majority of cats enjoy spending time with their human companions, so be sure to interact with your pet every day. This could be through brushing their fur, petting them, or playing with toys together. Of course, your cat won’t be in the mood for attention all the time, so be sure to leave them alone when they want to be!



Ensure they’re mentally stimulated

Keeping cats mentally stimulated is a great way to prevent boredom, stress, and general unhappiness. Try to provide them with a wide range of toys that they can play with when you’re out, such as catnip cushions, scratching posts, and soft toys on string. Puzzle feeders can be another great way to get their brains working when it’s time for a treat.




Take care of their health

There are lots of steps you can take to keep your indoor cat physically healthy. Firstly, play with them every day to help them get enough exercise. Secondly, ensure you feed them good quality food and have fresh water available for them to stay hydrated. Thirdly, take them to a Manvel Vet Clinic for regular checkups, vaccinations and other treatments. Lastly, ensure their litter tray is always clean and hygienic.



Build cat-friendly spaces in your home

Cats love vertical space and surveying their territory from up high, so getting them a tall cat tower is sure to be a big hit. Bonus points if it has a view out of the window! Another possibility is to install some shelves high up on the wall for them to sit on. Cats also like having the option to hide away in quiet, secluded spots, so consider getting a cat bed that’s completely covered for times when they want some privacy.



See if you can provide any safe outdoor access

Depending on the reasons why you keep your cat indoors, it might be possible to allow them a little bit of time outdoors too. For example, you can take them out in the garden on a special harness and lead or build a dedicated outdoor enclosure where they can spend time safely enjoying the fresh air. Alternatively, if neither of those are viable options, you could consider planting some cat grass in little pots that you can place around your home for your pet to graze on.