Harry Styles is known for his wild, colorful outfits — on and off stage — and now he has a dramatic makeup line to match.



For Harry’s  ‘Pleasing’ brand, he collaborated with Brazilian-born fashion designer Marco Ribeiro to create a colorful limited edition line.

“To me, the way Marco uses color is so inspiring,” Harry Styles told Vogue recently.

“Everything he makes radiates fun, joy, and playfulness. When we started discussing collaborators for Pleasing, Marco was the first person I wanted to ask.”

What makes Styles’ brand different is that every product is multifunctional in that it can be used in many ways. For instance, the ‘Pressed Powder Pigment’ palette ($50) features eight wet-to-dry colors that can be applied anywhere on the face, or body.



Naturally, there are nail polishes galore (($20 each, or $65 for a set).


Hurrah for Harry!

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