For many of us, what was traditionally called Columbus Day is now celebrated as Indigenous People Day.

If you live in California, you’re enjoying Indigenous People Day, as well as other States; Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, S.F,  Minnesota, Alaska, Vermont and Oregon.

On Friday President Biden issued a proclamation commemorating  Indigenous People’s Day which recognizes the damage to native communities after Columbus ‘discovered ‘ America. Some tribes were completely wiped out and land was stolen from the original settlers of this land.

“Today, we also acknowledge the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities,” Biden wrote in Friday’s proclamation. “It is a measure of our greatness as a Nation that we do not seek to bury these shameful episodes of our past — that we face them honestly, we bring them to the light and we do all we can to address them.”
But it remains a federal holiday, so some businesses will be closed, such as banks and the P.O.