After more than 36 hours, the Amtrak train which has been stranded because of a fallen tree in snowy Eugene, Oregon is finally moving again.

Passengers reported they were done to their last meal — breakfast — but that people had bonded and helped others. One woman described a “kumbaya” atmosphere on the train. Due to the high snow levels, only passengers with pets were allowed off the train twice a day so they could relieve themselves.

‘This is hell, and it’s getting worse… lending people my phone, one of the few with service, helping people out of panic attacks and chasing down toddlers,’ one passenger said.

Families with young children were given sleeper cabins for free but there are not enough beds for everyone, so passengers hunkered down in their seats to sleep.

A spokesperson for Amtrak said in a statement :‘Amtrak crews worked with local resources and the train is now enroute north to Eugene, Oregon. We will be contacting customers to provide refunds and other compensation as appropriate.’ 

he journey takes 35 hours and travels down the West Coast. Tickets range in price from $124 for the most basic seat to $531 for a premium cabin with a bed. 

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