Many brands call themselves ‘organic’, or ‘greenwash’ their products as it’s called, but with Inna Organic you know you are really getting the best organic ingredients as they are the first and only dual-certified Taiwanese organic beauty brand.

In case you needed any more proof that organic is best, a scary new study published this week found synthetic chemicals in items such as makeup, perfume and food storage containers has been  linked to up to 107,000 premature deaths a year among people ages 55 to 64 in the US.

Instead of using chemicals, Inna Organic harnesses the power of botanicals for their line of high-powered products, from the Botanical Face Masks ($8.99) to my favorite, the Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion, which is like a mini-spa day for your skin. Frankincense is said to rejuvenate your skin; we find it soothes our face — especially any red blotches — and leaves us silky smooth with a more even complexion. $46.

“Inna” which means child in Hokkian, one of Taiwan’s national languages, is a key part of the brand’s philosophy which says it creates products gentle enough for even children’s sensitive skin.

Taiwanese beauty lines were the first to use sea grapes, sometimes called ‘green caviar known for their medicinal benefits, and now are popping up in skincare because of their anti-aging properties.

Inna Organic products also boast sea chamomile ( deeply moisturizes and smoothes wrinkles) and snow mushrooms (minimizes the look of pores and leave skin visibly plumper and healthier looking.)

Together, these botanical ingredients power some of the line’s best lotions and creams.

Put the power of Twainese beauty botanicals to work for you with Inna Organic.


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