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You probably know Shay Mitchell as one of the stars of  “Pretty Little Liars” or as beauty Youtuber (over 3 million subscribers), but did you know she’s also a big foodie?

With Lawrence Longo she created a digital food club called “Off The Menu”, an invite-only membership club discovering secret menu items from new and trending restaurants in Los Angeles. Shay also shares her favorite food moments on her YouTube segment called “Good Taste”.

Her latest find? A sandwich. But just not any Sub. With restauranteur, Jeremy Fall — who in less than three years, at only age 27, has opened 5 eateries (with 2 slated for early 2018.)

First, you have to go to Fall’s newest spot,  Tinfoil: Liquor &Grocery in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Tinfoil is a modern take on the bodega, with a liquor store in the front selling high-end spirits and provisions, and a secret speakeasy deli in the back.

Shay Mitchell, Jeremy Fall, and Lawrence Longo create “The Cure” sandwich for Off The Menu at Tinfoil Liquor and Market.

Guests must step up to the cashier and utter the password “Do you sell birthday candles?” to gain access to the deli hidden behind an “Employees Only” sign. Once Inside, the counter service deli’s décor consists of a floor lined with 60,000 nickels and a ceiling covered entirely in tinfoil, thus invoking the restaurant’s name. Lawrence Longo and Shay Mitchell together felt that Tinfoil: Liquor and Grocery was the perfect spot for their “Off the Menu”’ new feature, and to document a new “ Good Taste”. So together the three developed a mouthwatering sandwich for the masses called “The Cure”. Insiders report that the main ingredients are slow-roasted chicken, thick cut house-cured bacon, garlic-onion tomato sauce, white cheddar, mustard-paprika aioli,  and watercress on a homemade roll.

To find out why it’s called  “The Cure” you have to tune in Shay Mitchell’s  segment airing on her channel on February 26th, 2018.