In a startling comment on CNN Thursday night, former New JeGovernorvenor Chris Christie stated that ‘Trump lies even when he doesn’t have to.’ That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been following along.

Chris Christie also told Chris Cuomo that the President shouldn’t be as worried about the special counsel’s Russian saying that the Southern District of New York presents more of a “problem and a threat” to President Donald Trump.

“I always said that (special counsel) Bob Mueller is not what should concern the President or the White House. That’s the Southern District of New York,” Christie, who led Trump’s transition team, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday night.

As a former federal prosecutor, Christie argued that unlike Mueller’s case, the SDNY has no limit on the scope of their investigation.

He may be right. Federal prosecutors in New York are already examining whether ANY Trump business executives violated campaign-finance laws. They may nail Trump on the hush payments he had Cohen make to the two porn/stripper women and the investigation into Trump’s inaugural committee could also be his downfall.

After all, the Feds got mobster Al Capone on his taxes remember.

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