On the same day that an additional six women come forward to accuse Les Moonves of sexual misconduct, the longtime CBS Executive has been pushed out of the Network.

But what about his severance package, which some estimated could top 100 million? Realizing that in the #metoo era, a huge payout for Moonves might seem inappropriate, CBS said Sunday night that Moonves and CBS will donate $20 million to organizations that support the #MeToo movement and other groups fighting for workplace equity for women.

This ‘donation’ will come out of any severance that Moonves might eventually be given, says CBS.

Ronan Farrow.

Ronan Farrow’s update on Sunday, whose article on Weinstein kick-started the #metoo movement, about more victims, sealed the fate of the longtime CBS Executive.

According to Farrow, the additional six women describe more serious allegations “This includes multiple allegations of either physically forced or coerced oral sex. It includes a case that resulted in a criminal investigation.”

Farrow went on to tell CNN that :

“As of a couple of days ago, they were still talking about potentially letting him leave with a very generous exit package, up to the neighborhood of $100 million,” Farrow said on CNN. “Many of the women found that very, very frustrating. They felt this was a board that has let a powerful man who makes a lot of money for this company, in the words of one person, ‘get away with it.'”