Don’t you hate it when you have to change out of your comfy PJs into something resembling workwear for a business ZOOM call? (Not to mention putting on makeup, but that’s a separate topic.)

Courtney Spritzer feels your pain. The ‘Chief Robe Officer’, got tired of changing for ZOOM calls and then changing right back into loungewear as soon as the meeting was finished. When she couldn’t find anything that was work attire slash PJs, she created the WorkRobe.


We got the blouse option to try ($70.)With the tailored details, no one suspected we were snuggled in a robe during our weekly editorial meeting with our writers.

Meet The C(comfort)Suite, as the site says.

However, we do wish the robe material was warmer — it’s more of a spring /summer weight. But sadly, we’ll probably be WFH next year as well so it’ll get plenty of use.



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