Most women know about the wonders of a silk pillowcase; better skin and hair.

So why should we keep this to ourselves? This Father’s Day, surprise your loved one with a ‘manly’ black or grey silk pillowcase from Blissy (the best in our opinion and we’ve tested a bunch!)




Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, they’re cooling, bug resistant, hypoallergenic and actually good for your hair and skin. No more waking up with creases on your face.

But lead with the bug resistant when gifting a man:)



Our husband, who only reluctantly switched from washing his hair with bar soap, loves his silk pillowcases and misses it when it’s in the wash. (Machine wash on warm or cold and hang dry.)

$60 and up or you could enter our sweepstakes to win one of these Blissy pillowcases! We’re giving away three — one black, one white and one lavender (for those who love color.)

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Let’s share this beauty secret with the menfolk!