The theme for the MET Gala this year was ostensibly “In America: A lexicon of fashion” but you wouldn’t have known it from many of the celeb outfits.

For instance, Kim Kardashian wore all back, as in COMPLETELY covered in a black sheath, even down to her 75-inch ponytail.

While online pundits breathlessly argued what theme she was exploring, in reality, she was just promoting her estranged husband, Kaybe West’s new music, ‘Donda’ — the cover art is just a single black square.


And just so there was no mistaking her, Kardashian has appeared in the last few weeks as variations on a theme, including arriving in N.Y. in a zippered face mask, black leather trench coat, gloves, and thigh-high boots, telegraphing her look for the big Gala.

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