Combat undereye puffiness and dark circles with 24k Gold Eye Mask undereye patches? Besides looking like a character from a Marvel superhero film, when I applied the 24k Gold Eye Mask undereye patches I had a hard time keeping the things in place! 

The product is from Live Wild Beauty and sells for $12.99 for a box of 36 on Amazon. With the price point, I was a little wary of the ingredients and product but gave it a whirl.

Similar products are priced substantially higher. 

Popping them in the fridge (but not freezing) claims to help the “depuffing” experience. 


The gold undereye patches are a larger size, super-thick and come with a lot of liquid in the individually wrapped packet. 

The Live Wild Beauty website has little or no information regarding the product, so I had to chance it on believing the ingredients are indeed what they claim. They are listed as: collagen, plant ingredients, polygonum multiflorum and sophora flavescens. 


So why 24k Gold on the package? No clue! Can’t find any information on the business website so assuming it’s just the color of the silicone-esque patches. 

So do they work? The liquid seems to make the skin tighten a bit, but I didn’t find any noticeable difference other than the cooling action from putting them in the fridge. The solution doesn’t seem enriching either. All I know is that they slip and slide on your face!

Not exactly a 24k Gold experience! 

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