In case you haven’t heard, it’s so cold in parts of the Midwest that you’d be warmer in Antarctica. The Polar Vortex is responsible for the death of 11 people, schools are closed, flights canceled, and authorities warn about going outside for even 5 minutes because it could lead to frostbite. Chicago broke a record Thursday — 20-25 degrees below zero. To put that in perspective, beer is freezing in trucks before it can be delivered.

Over 216 million people are affected but the good news is that there is a warming front coming in Friday.

“Today is the last of the extreme cold air,” said meteorologist Dave Hennen. “Temperatures will rebound quickly over much of the area that saw the extreme cold, creating a yo-yo effect of extreme temperature difference.”Chicago, for example, will see a temperature rise of almost 75 degrees — from extreme cold of 20-25 below zero to temps in the low 50s on Monday.”

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