Have you noticed just how many businesses and brands have started using social media for marketing purposes? Are you curious as to why they are doing this?

Businesses of all sizes are turning to social media for their marketing needs. Some, like Facebook and Twitter, have been around for years and are more established in the space while others, such as Instagram, grew up alongside mobile technology.

The question is: which platform should you use? The answer depends on your audience; understanding who they are will help you determine what type of content to post and how often. Instagram seems to be the preferred choice for many of these brands, and if you are interested in finding out why, here are a few reasons.

Influencers and services

As a business on Instagram, you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of everything available to you especially if you have the budget to do it. Although Instagram is a free-to-use service, they do offer paid advertising options if this is something that you would consider. If you want to keep with the tone of organic marketing, you can make use of an Instagram growth service that will continue to help you grow organically without having to pay for advertising. If you are looking for an extra boost in your marketing you could try to get the help of an Instagram influencer. These influencers have millions of followers, and they find lots of opportunities to work with different businesses as a means for an income. Although these options will cost you, they are well worth it if you want to expedite the process.




Huge Customer Base

These days it has become increasingly more obvious that businesses and brands are flocking to various social media platforms, especially Instagram, and many people are curious as to why this is happening. while this may be a big topic of discussion and a big question it is fairly obvious why businesses have started doing this and why they are making the move to Instagram.

Social media marketing has become an advertising way of the future and Instagram just happens to be one of the biggest social media platforms. With that said as a business on Instagram, you will find an incredibly large customer base or rather a potential customer base to reach.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with over a billion active monthly users, and although you can’t reach every single one of them, this massive audience is something that will work in your favor.



Simple Marketing

Another great reason why businesses seem to be flocking to Instagram as a method of marketing as opposed to making use of traditional marketing methods is that it is an incredibly easy way to market to a specific target audience.

Not only can you directly cater content that is specifically made for a specific niche or target audience, but Instagram is an app that is free to use, and even as a business you don’t have to pay for any kind of marketing or advertising if you don’t want to.

Businesses and brands are finding it far easier to make use of Instagram and marketing organically to their target audience rather than paying for advertising or marketing and not being able to reach nearly as many people as they would want to.



Great for analytics

Last but not least analytics is a crucial part of any kind of marketing strategy or scheme, and Instagram is a platform that makes having access to these analytics incredibly easy. This is especially true for those accounts that register as professional accounts or business accounts as there is a whole section where you can read up on detailed analytics.

These analytics will include how many people see your content which gender mainly sees your content, what kind of content does the best, the age range of your target audience or current audience, and so much more. All of this information can help you to determine which of your products are popular and which of your content is popular and how you can adjust it to better reach your target audience and therefore grow your account.