‘Utopia’ is a new series from Amazon that focuses on a pandemic tied to a mysterious sinister comic.  You see, the comic, Dystopia (wasn’t the title enough of a clue?) predicted the threats, especially the deadly disease.

Expect for the comic twist, it could be 2020.



Adapted from a 2013 British show, it eerily mirrors the global situation now, but with gratuitous violence and bleak forecasts. As in the original show, “Utopia” kicks off with a young couple discovering the comic in an old home they just bought, and life suddenly and shockingly imitates art.

John Cusak plays a wealthy tech titan determined to discover a world-saving vaccine with the help of virologist Rainn Wilson.

But for all those doubters, we have one word. ‘Contagion.’ The 2011 film, about a world-wide pandemic, has never been more popular. (Spoiler alert: they discover a vaccine.)

“Utopia” premieres Sept. 25 on Amazon.

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