Fair Warning: You don’t want to play ‘Whatever’ with your boss, your parents, children…or basically anyone but your close friends.



Funded on Kickstarter, it involves physical challenges, awkward confessions, silly moves, and embarrassing situations.

Here’s an example of the ‘Challenge Cards’ to give you an idea:


There are three types of cards: Challenge Cards, Showdowns, and Penalties. Players take turns with a spinner that lands on either a Challenge or Showdown card. Don’t want to do the challenge or showdown? Then you take a penalty card. The first player to collect 5 cards wins.

Pssst! Download the 21+ drinking rules to instantly turn it into a drinking game (like we did.)



We played it with another couple and were in stitches the entire time!

This is going to be a great holiday gift for your pals.

$24.99 on Amazon.

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