If your house/office is anything like ours, there’s a tangle of cables and chargers, not to mention the odd phone, tablet and Kindle e-reader, usually living on the floor. Udoq is an elegant solution – a slim docking station fashioned like a rail by Marcus Kuchler, who used to design for Porsche.

Fully adjustable, the Udoq fits pretty much every device, most still in their protective cases since you can also adjust the height. The Apple version we’re reviewing includes MFi-certified Lightning cables that wind through the back, snapping into patented connectors which slide along a track on the bottom that can be moved to any position. So, say you want to put two e-readers side by side, just slide the connectors to fit. (There is also an Android version.)

Available in four different lengths, the smallest size (udoq250 Apple ,$ 124.80) is perfect for simultaneously charging four smartphones, or an iPad and an iPhone, while the largest model ( udoq550 Apple, $ 210.60) can easily handle a tablet, six smartphones, and still have room for an iPod.

Out of the box, it comes with a Lightning connector, Micro USB, USB Type-C and Apple’s 30-pin connector for older iPads and iPhones. ( Different connectors can easily be ordered online.)

Like our precious MacBook, the Udoq is constructed of aluminum in a matte finish which promises to stay looking new.

Another great feature is that your devices can be propped vertically in portrait view so they’re fully accessible while docked and charging.

udoq250 Apple, the smallest version. $124.80.

It’s the one-size-fits-all universal docking station that looks good everywhere — not just the office. We have ours in the living room, with all the tangled cords out of sight. But the minimalist design looks great anywhere.

No more tripping over charge cords or searching for a cable. Done and done!


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