The triple threat — director, writer, producer, and studio head — Tyler Perry just landed another award, this time from WSJ Magazine. That’s on top of winning the People’s Choice Award for People’s Champion.

In the interview, Perry opens up about taking care of his staff at his Atlanta studies and a year full of hardship.

‘Even after everything that’s going on in the world—the pandemic and the racial inequality and police brutality—I have to remain hopeful. It lives in me.’


Asked whether the events this year have changed him, Perry said:

‘How could it not?’ There’ve been plenty of low points,’ continuing, ‘And then George Floyd for sure. Watching that play out—eight minutes, 46 seconds. Add to that a pandemic, where you’re on lockdown and you could not turn away from cable news. It was definitely beginning to erode my spirit,’ he shared.

‘Here’s what you have to understand, I work with a lot of Black and brown people. So when you say ‘weighing heavily,’ this is our daily lives.’

He continues, ‘But we have to find a way to keep going and find the strength to fight another day. Hope grows inside of people like me, and it’s very, very hard to kill, because from childhood we were always hoping just for something great.’

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