Planning a funeral for a loved one is a very heavy burden to carry, but it is one that can do so much good. It can give people the chance to grieve, gain closure, and say their final goodbyes. There is a lot of healing that can be found when you plan a funeral the right way, especially if it is in line with your loved one’s wishes or what they would have wanted.

It can be difficult to plan a funeral when you don’t know the first thing about it. While there are services that can help, this guide is the first place to start.



Find Out if Your Loved One Left Any Pre-Arrangements

Your loved one might have a full list of funeral arrangements made before they pass on to ease your burden. They might have covered the cost, laid out their preferences, and so on. This can be in their will, or it could simply be in a document they have at home. You should have heard something about these arrangements beforehand, so if you are aware, look first and then carry out their wishes to the best of your ability. Do note, however, that in a lot of cases, you are ultimately the one who decides. If the cost is too much and you are paying for it, you can alter the arrangements.



Decide on Either Burial or Cremation

While burial has long been the practice and is still the preferred option for many religions, cremation has been becoming more popular. You can still bury your loved one in a grave after they are cremated, or if that service is out of your price range, you can alternatively put them in a memorial, can bury their urn at home, can scatter their ashes, or can keep their urn right at home. There are many beautiful cremation urns to suit every occasion that cost far less than a coffin, so if budget is a consideration, cremation can give your loved one the dignified send-off that they deserve.



Consider the Final Resting Place Carefully

If there isn’t an obvious option when it comes to where they will be interned, this is something you will need to think about. If they already have a plot next to their parents, for example, then it is easy. If the decision is entirely up to you, discuss it with everyone and pick out a location that is easy enough for everyone to get to, and then discuss what type of location is the best fit. You don’t need to be traditional about it. The only requirement is that you feel calm, at peace, and can reflect peacefully when you visit. If you cremate your loved one, you will have many more options in terms of where this resting place is.



How to Plan the Memorial

While a lot of the funeral service can be planned on your behalf, once you get in touch with a funeral director, the memorial or wake is often up to you. Once again, focus on what will help you and your loved ones the most.

You can hold the memorial service after the burial at your home or at their favorite venue or at a nature spot that meant a lot. Wherever you go, have everyone bring memorabilia, photos, and whatever they have so that you can get copies, reminisce, and grieve together.

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