NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch made history this week when they took a stroll outside the International Space Station. It was the first all-female spacewalk, though they are by no means the first women in space.

Remember Russian cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya in 1984? Since then 12 US women have conducted 40 spacewalks over the past 35 years. Koch and Meir were the 13th and 14th, respectively.

We echo NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson comments when she said she hopes this is just the first all-female spacewalk and that it becomes a normal occurrence.

“It’s really interesting for us,” Meir said. “This is just us doing our job. We’ve been training for six years, so it’s coming up here and doing our job. At the same time, we recognize that it is a historic achievement and we want to give credit to the women who came before us. We have followed in their footsteps to get where are today.”

Here, here!