The problem with washing your face with a washcloth or facial brush is that they often don’t completely dry and harbor all sorts of disgusting bacteria like E Coli, Staph bacteria, and fecal matter. Ewwww!

TAO Clean solves that issue with their new ONA Diamond — an updated line of self-cleaning sonic facial brushes which use UV light to kill any bacteria or germs (including Coronavirus and Influenza) between uses.  Other facial brushes usually stay damp, allowing the growth of bacteria which then gets transferred to your face, but the TAO’s ‘halo lamp’  zaps 99.9% of germs and pathogens with UV-C light.

Straight out to the box, it looks like an adorable little robot and charges quickly. (We got the robin’s egg blue.)  Since it’s waterproof you can even use it in the shower. Just always remember to put it back in its base station to charge and keep the brush head clean.

If you have sensitive skin, use the ‘Sensitive Care’ brush head or the ‘Exfoliator’ bristle head for a deep clean. The spinning motion of our little TAO dispensed with old makeup and has cut down on blackheads on our nose (YAY!)

It felt very satisfying, like the clean we get after a good facial. It’s a keeper.

Available at Amazon for $69.99.