As anyone who has dachshunds will tell you, they are notoriously hard to potty train. They’re very smart but also very stubborn — and fuggedaboutit when it rains.

So when the Sprinkle and Sweep PR asked us to review it, we handed it over to a wonderful doxie rescue, Doxie And Friends Rescue which is where we got our lovable Ginger. They foster puppies and senior doxies all the time so who better to test it? ($19 a bag at Amazon or sign up on their website for a subscription plan, for instance, have a bag delivered every two weeks.)


Our rescue, Ginger.

What is it exactly? Sprinkle & Sweep is an absorbent powder that you simply sprinkle on the pet accidents. It instantly solidifies even the most liquidy pet accidents for an odor-free cleanup in just seconds. Even the stinkiest poop or wee-wee and leaves no smell behind. Safe and non-toxic, you can use it around pets (obv) and young children.’



Tammy at the rescue reports that even her seniors (this saint has SIX doxies of her own)  ‘can’t quite seem to make it out the doggie door to do their business. At times, they make a pit stop in the garage and leave a puddle. We tried Sprinkle and Sweep and it sure worked. Absorbed the dog pee very quickly. The scent was appealing. We’d heartily recommend.’

Sprinkle and Sweep is not messy like paper towels and the fact that it leaves no smell after a stinky, wet poo is a miracle. Or use it on vomit and it’s a godsend if your pup has diarrhea. Pro tip: you can even use it to clean up messy kitchen accidents, like the spaghetti that somehow ended up on the floor last night.

This is nothing short of a miracle product.

For anyone who needs an explainer video, here ya go.



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