The limited-edition ‘Dripping Jewels LipSense’ Collection arrived the other day and we were perplexed to read the directions card. Have we been applying our lipsticks incorrectly all these years?



Turns out, these rules just apply to SeneGence’s lipsticks and glosses which are known for their staying power. If you’re good about following the step-by-step directions, the company says they’ll last through mask-wearing, drinking, and eating. In fact, they include an ‘Ooops ‘ remover in case you need it.

We decided to put them to the test.

  1. First, shake the tube like you mean it.
  2. Clean and pat dry your lips.
  3. Apply on lips in one fluid motion (no swiping back and forth!)
  4. Let it dry and then apply a second coat. Keep layering until you reach the desired shade.


If you’re patient and wait for the layers to dry, it does indeed last though after a couple of hours — and after eating lunch — we definitely needed to re-apply. No remover needed.

With the gorgeous jewel-like color and great shine, they’re our new fave for summer.

$65 and the three lippies come with a pink sparkly cosmetic bag!