Saying ‘I thought there’s no time to wait,  new President Joe Biden got straight to work at his Oval Office desk.

‘There’s no time to start like today.’

Biden immediately signed three executive actions:

  1. Ordered a mask mandate on federal property.
  2. A bill providing ‘support for underserved communities.’
  3. Rejoined the Paris climate accord. Remember, Trump removed the United States from the climate agreement.)

‘As we indicated we will sign a number of the executive orders over the next several days to a week and I’m going to start today. The crisis of Covid-19 along with the economic crisis, and the climate crisis, the executive actions that we are signing will help change the course of the crisis,’ Biden stated.

The New York Times is reporting that Biden signed 17 executive orders in all, quickly dismantling Trump policies that have caused ‘the greatest damage to the nation.’

In the following days, he is expected to roll-back many of Trump’s destructive policies.

He’s going to be very busy.