As millennials disrupt traditional businesses, there was one that was really needed a shake-up: the Beauty Industry. Customers pay outrageous prices for skincare, for instance, when most of the money goes into the flashy packaging, often 3x the cost of the product inside. Then add on top of that brand marketing and publicity for the legacy brands and the cost goes up yet again.

Rosen, one of the fresh new beauty skincare companies, started by a millennial, is aimed directly at that age group, which cares about ingredients behind a product and it’s footprint, not how the packaging will look in their bathroom.

While at UCLA Jamika Martin, frustrated by the brands she was using for her acne, decided to start her own company with the tagline  “Clear skin. Clean ingredients. Confidence.”

Rose Water Face Dew.$15.

But it’s so much more than just an acne line. The powerful ingredients, while great for young skin, are also a boon for aging skin, with products such as their luxurious Rose Water Face Dew ($15)  which gives your face a healthy glow. ( We use it whenever our skin is dry or we need a pick-me-up.)

The all-natural line has everything to keep your skin blemish-free, plus hydrated, toned and glowing.

Take their Enzyme Scrub which is meant to be a daily exfoliant. A super-fine paste that contains natural exfoliants like Walnut Shell Powder makes sure your skin is smooth every day. Also, with ingredients like Pumpkin Enzymes and Lemon Powder, you’ll see results in just a couple of days. (If your skin is really sensitive, just exfoliate every other day.) $11.

By far the hero product — and our personal fave — is the Rosen Bright Citrus serum with 20% Vit C (anything less and you’re wasting your time.)  Essential for skin rejuvenation, Vitamin C serums improve discoloration, brighten skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating collagen synthesis, it helps keep your skin younger looking. Luxury brands charge hundreds of dollars but at Rosen it’s $18.

Affordable skincare for everyone. How democratic — and welcome.