Fashion titan Mossimo Giannulli was sentenced to five months in prison Friday for the college bribery scandal called ‘Varisty Blues’ by the FBI. The sentence also includes a $250,000 fine.

Appealing to the court (via Zoom), Mossimo says he ‘deeply regrets’ using the ‘side door’ to get his daughter’s into USC and that he takes ‘full responsibility’ for it, in an attempt to lower his wife, Lori Loughlin’s sentence which comes later today.

The wealthy parents paid $500,000 to get their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella into USC by pretending they were ‘champion coxswains.’

And in an ugly revelation, when a high school counselor was suspicious of the two girls’ applications, Mossimo warned one of his daughters not to speak to the ‘nosey b*****d.’


Olivia Jade poses on a rowing machine for her fake athletic college application.

The judge didn’t buy Mossimo’s regret-filled explanation that he was just a fiercely devoted’ father who’d just tried to do right by his children, saying in his summary there was  ‘no excuse’ for his crimes and that he wasn’t ‘stealing bread for his family’ but was ‘living the good life in California’.

Remonstrating Mossimo, Judge Gorton added that they couldn’t ‘buy their way through life. That’s not the way it works in this country, as you are about to find out.’