Hanging closet rods and shelves can make a huge difference in your closet’s appearance. Organizing your closet with these tools will help you quickly find what you’re looking for and make the most of your limited storage. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you hang closet rods and shelves to maximize space and make your closet look good!

1. Install Your Closet Rods First

Before you install your shelves, it’s a good idea to install your closet rods first so you can attach them to your wall studs. If your closet doesn’t have studs, you’ll need to use anchors or another type of support to keep your closet rods from falling over. You should also keep in mind that closet rods are typically mounted at the midpoint between the tops of the doors and the baseboard/floor below the door.


This should give you enough space on either side of the shelf to be able to put shoes and other hanging items on them. Finding the right height can be tricky, so we recommend measuring the distance from the floor to the door’s base and the height of all shelves. Once you’ve measured your space, you can use that to determine how high or low to make your closet rods and shelves, so they meet your needs without taking up too much room.

2. Install Shelving Next

Once you’ve installed your closet rods, you can install the shelves using the same technique you used to hang the rods. Remember that you should install shelves the same height as the closet rods to keep everything organized efficiently. You should also add about a foot of extra space between each shelf to accommodate clothing and other items you want to store on the shelves.



3. Consider Adding a Shelf Above The Rods

One trick for maximizing storage space is to add a shelf above your closet rods. This will give you more room for shoes, accessories, and other bulky items that won’t fit on your lower shelves. This will also make your closet look more attractive, freeing up valuable floor space below your closet rods to store other items.

4. Organize Before Hanging Clothing on Rods

Before you begin hanging your clothes on the rods, it’s important to organize your closet to ensure everything is well-organized and efficient. You should group like items together for easy access in the future and also make sure all of your hangers are facing in the same direction so that your closet looks neat and tidy when you’re finished.



Here are some additional tips for organizing your closet as efficiently as possible:

•Group like items together for easy access in the future

•Hang your heaviest clothes on the bottom rack of the closet and place lighter items like sweaters and t-shirts on the top rack. Smart hangers are a good purchase for floor-length clothing.

•Don’t waste space by overstuffing your closet with too many clothes – leave some empty space for accessories or other items that need storage

5. Arrange Your Clothes in Order from Lightest to Heaviest

When hanging your clothes in the closet, start with the lightest pieces and place them closest to the rod or center of the closet. Then work your way up to the heavier items by placing them on the second and third racks. This arrangement will ensure that all of your clothes stay wrinkle-free and dry. It will also allow you to see everything that you have stored at a glance when you open the door.

6. Store Seasonal Items Underbed or Behind Doors

You can save a lot of space in your closet if you store seasonal items such as holiday decorations, blankets, and winter clothes under your bed or behind closet doors. You can also find storage containers made explicitly for seasonal items to help you maximize the space available for storing these items. This will help you create the perfect closet space without worrying about where you will put all the things you need throughout the year.



Hanging closet rods and shelves are a great way to make your space more functional and attractive. They give you plenty of room to hang your clothes and keep them organized simultaneously.

If your closet feels cluttered, disorganized, or messy, it may be time to use some new storage solutions that will give you the extra space you need to store all the things you need neatly and out of sight. Using these simple tips will help you keep your closet organized and your clothes looking their best for years to come.