Though travel is still on hold, hopefully next year you will be able to book those vaca flights (though probably not until you’re vaccinated for COVID) so aspirational readers will want to get ready.



Travel UV Sanitizing Wand

Last year, who knew that the #1 travel gift on our list would be a sanitizing wand? To safely travel, pack this compact cordless Ultraviolet-C light from Sharper Image to kill microscopic germs (ie COVID) on everything in your hotel room. $79.99.



For international travel, the  LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle is a lifesaver. It cleans up 99.9% of waterborne parasites & bacteria from water. We even have these in our Earth Quake kit. $28.




Every traveler needs backup power and we like this Lipstick-sized one from Xcentz which is on sale at Amazon for only $9.99. It’ll charge most phones fully in 3-4 hours.


We recommend the Aria Kit. The travel package of 13 items, even includes the little essentials even veteran travelers forget such as hair ties, Emergen-Cs, earplugs and a pen. (How many times have we forgotten one?)

Natural deodorant? Check. Silk sleeping mask? Check. There’s even a pair of toasty wool socks for long flights.

Everything is locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest and comes in a vegan leather bag.

Right now, Aria is running a Christmas promo.

  • Complimentary sleeping wool socks (included per kit)
  • 15% off for all purchases, use ARIAXMAS20 at the checkout.
  • Buy 3 kits and receive a free Mini Kit ($30 dollar value) Free.

Happy trails!