This is the year of puzzles and games; anything to keep us entertained at home. We got this Wizards and Werewolves boxed set for Halloween and we still break it out at night.

From Starlux Games ,the glow-in-the-dark game is team-based and fun for 8+. You chose to play a Wizard or Werewolf and the goal is to find the magical crystals.



We gave it to the lovely family next door to try and this is what they thought:

“The packaging is amazing, all the way down to the instructions that are printed out on a textured parchment paper. The game cards are great giving kids different roles to play during the game.

The star crystals, wristbands, field markers and large moon crystal glow extremely bright and are really durable and well made.

I think it was a great idea that you can tap the bracelets multiple times to show how many times you have been tagged which helps the game last longer instead of being tagged once and you’re out.

I love the fact that the game gives you different playing levels that are easy to understand and ables you to change levels based on the kids you are playing with. 

We didn’t have many kids to try this game out with and I can see how having a large group playing this game would benefit.

It did keep my kids and myself moving and running and there was a lot of laughing during our game which is what every parent wants to see and hear.

I am excited to try this game with a little spin on it when I coach soccer again because it is similar to a coaching game called sharks and minnows that incorporates dribbling the ball at the same time. It will be super helpful and fun to have the field and the players light up and I can see it being a huge success.

All in all I can see kids and adults from all ages enjoying this game and being able to play it together at the same time which is great! “


$29.99 at StarLux Games.

Put down the 500-piece puzzle and get outside!



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