The new Gillette ad, ‘We Believe,’ is a 48 second subtle masterpiece. Instead of talking about men’s shaving cream, the commercial focuses on not only what it’s like to be a man in the #metoo era, but encourages men to be the ‘best they can be.’

It kicks off with men standing around a BBQ complacently brushing off bullying with ‘Boys will be boys.’ Addressing serious issues like toxic masculinity and sexual harassment, the ad shows men stepping up and stopping sexual harassment, bullying and sexist behavior in the streets and the boardroom.

By the end of the rousing ad, men are standing up to bullies, telling their daughters they are ‘strong,’ telling catcallers to cool it, and breaking up bullying. While it made us cheer, there is a controversy brewing online with names like Piers Morgan complaining Tweeting he doesn’t want politics with his shaving cream. Grow up, boys.