Summer’s must have tan is just a mere minutes away, with the help of celebrity tan expert Robby LaRiviere at the Lea Journo Salon in Beverly Hills.

Gone are the days of harmful UV Ray exposure, and hours spent in the sun perfecting the perfect tan, (a God-send for this writer’s upcoming trip to Miami). With the help of Robby LaRiviere and the team at Lea Journo Salon, a golden tan is attainable in less than 7 minutes.

The process begins with a consultation with LaRiviere, recognizable from a past cameo on the Bravo series “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” as well as Hallmark TV’s “Home & Family,” and the reality series “Make Me Over.” With his golden tan and handsome looks, you know you’ll be in good hands. His celebrity clients include actress Francesca Eastwood and a number of others that cannot be mentioned – he also makes house-calls!

Helpful tips for the sunless tanning experience: It’s best to exfoliate prior to one’s visit and remove any makeup or cosmetics. You should also be mindful of what you will be wearing as there will be tan lines (a lesson learned after opting to stay in boxer briefs).


LaRiviere uses an Australian tanning solution called Vani-T which has a green and purple base – the perfect recipe for a golden tan. Other solutions using red, orange or gold should be avoided, chance the result of ‘Oompa Loompa realness.’ The actual sunless tanning experience takes about seven minutes utilizing a rapid dry solution that has a cooling feeling upon impact. There is also the ability to add contouring to your triceps, thighs and even abdominals (ala Britney Spears). The end result is a well-balanced deep tan that will set over the next three hours. The tan will first appear darker but will set to a more golden hue following the first shower and you do not need to fear the tanning solution odor found in older sunless tanning solutions. (*Note one should not shower within the first three hours following the sunless tan).


The verdict: a deep golden tan that took minutes, rather than hours to perfect and a new fan of the sunless tanning experience!

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