‘FIGHT WRINKLES WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED’ says the company website. That got our attention, too.

Turns out, Herb + Flora are talking about their ‘Morpheus Pillow Recovery Pillowcase,’ which is woven with copper fibers. Copper has a long history of medicinal uses:

  • battles bacteria.
  • heals skin.
  • reduces and prevents wrinkles.
  • stops friction damage to hair and skin.

While silk pillowcases also help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and end ‘bed hair,’ adding copper also helps anyone with zits/acne and helps firm up the skin.

We’ve only been using the pillowcase for a week and already we see a difference in our skin tone. It’s also luxurious and we love that we’re fighting wrinkles in our sleep!



And the company says the Morpheus pillow’s ‘anti-aging properties’ will last over 100 washes. Expert tip: Never put your pillowcase in the dryer but allow it to air dry.

$80 and worth every cent.