For those who have been dry since the clock struck 12:00 on January 1st, we cheers to you. For those who haven’t, we cheers to you.

For anyone who has been following the Philadelphia football scene this season, you can imagine what this Philadelphian reviewer’s weekends have looked like; hopping from viewing party to sports bar and back again, gleefully soaking up the spirit and excitement of the city. In addition to my “phone, keys, wallet” check each time I have departed my home for another day full of anticipation and E-A-G-L-E-S chanting, what else has slowly but reliably become a staple in my cross-body bag? A Slrrrp Shot (or four).


I quickly open my refrigerator, grab a couple of different flavors (choosing between Blue Raspberry Smash, Strawberry Slammer, Watermelon Wiggler, Peach Bottom, or Mango Mambo), stash them away, and ready myself for the thrill of remembering that they’re there once I inevitably make three new friends whilst crossing Broad Street, all of whom have grown tired of Bud Light by now.


These tiny and highly portable shots clock in at a whopping 13% ABV, arrive at your doorstep in a tub of 20, and, as if you need another reason, are entirely plant-based and await your throw-back in recyclable cups. (The O.G. minis cost $10.99 for 12 shots.) With an aptly branded tagline of Celebrate Everything, no matter what happens come February 12th, Philadelphians all around will be taking shots (pun very much intended).

Oh, and GO BIRDS!


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An NYC native, Sofy has been blissfully taking up space in the city of Philadelphia for the last four years, and loving every moment of it. Aside from writing, she enjoys spending time moving forward by foot (in any capacity), reading, thinking of puns, and exploring her city. Sofy is an avid coffee drinker, a frequent french fry consumer, and a practitioner of Tsundoku (the art of buying more books than one can possibly read).

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