In a new report from the CDC, the agency announced that the US is getting close to the number of average daily COVID cases last seen in the Spring.

The U.S. is almost at an average of 100,000 per day.



The cause is due to the highly transmissible Delta variant spreading in areas with low vaccination rates. (93 percent of all cases are linked to the variant.)

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Thursday that COVID-19 vaccines work but that they ‘can’t prevent transmission’ for fully vaccinated people with breakthrough cases.

Places with low vaccination rates, such as South Carolina are now new pandemic hotspots.

Just in the last two weeks, cases have soared by 383 percent there over the last 14 days from an average of 718 per day to 3,472 per day, one of the biggest increases seen in the U.S.

The message to everyone? Get vaxxed and wear a mask.