We are all missing going out to the movies, so bring the theater home with the Creative Stage V2.

Featuring fully immersive sound, footsteps feel like they are right behind you and the dialogue is crystal clear. That’s Creative Labs’ ‘Clear Dialogue’ technology, which extracts the vocals and spoken words through an algorithm, then ‘intelligently enhances and amplifies them’, allowing you to clearly hear through music or other sound effects. No more missing key dialogue over the sounds of tires screeching during a car chase.

Powered by Creative’s proprietary ‘Sound Blaster audio’ the sound is stunning. A dedicated subwoofer provides thumping bass and the high notes are a marvel, like when you hear ice tinkling in your hero’s crystal glass.

The Surround Technology gives you the audio experience of a movie theatre and lets you personalize the bass and treble level. And when it’s safe to have parties again, it doubles as a powerful speaker.

Easy to set up, it’s the all-in-one audio solution for your home. At $109. it’s a steal.