This is how it went down.

A mom contacted Capitol One Radio about her selfless daughter, Marissa, who has been taking care of her and her brother since she was 14.  Mom Jacqueline has type 2 diabetes and amputation has left her in a wheelchair and her son has severe learning disabilities.

So Mom tells the radio station that her daughter’s favorite singer is Billie Eilish and the plan was hatched.

Thinking that she’s on the radio show to talk about caring for her family, 16-year-old Marissa spoke about what the ‘Bad Guy’ singer means to her:

‘She’s just really inspiring her music is the type of thing, whenever you’re down and depressed and you’ve had a long day just go to my room and lie down my bed, blast up the volume and – I don’t care if I go deaf – and just listen to her.

‘I’ve seen her interviews, and I know she’s had a tough life going into fame, we’re very different people and have very different lives but I can relate to her so much.’

Unbeknownst to Marrisa, Billie was in the studio and sneaks up behind her …well, watch.