For anyone who has bought a battery and vape cartridge from a dispensary, you know how faulty those proprietary batteries can be and you’re locked into buying cartridges that fit that specific brand.



Airgraft aims to change all that by creating a membership model where customers only pay for the pods. They do this by giving their pods to growers — a select few — free of charge so customers only pay for the oil. Their membership program provides consumers access to their smart technology, science-backed practices and premium pods from some of California’s finest producers at prices up to 50% lower than competitors.

They also revolutionized the vape experience.


“When it comes to concentrate vaporization technologies, the industry is still in the early stages of development,” noted Mladen Barbaric, founder & CEO of Airgraft. “There’s no vaporizer out there that’s actually vaporizing the cannabis oil. The team at Airgraft focused on science to create a device that works exactly as it should.”

Their new  Airgraft 2 vaporizer system delivers a better vape with no burning.  Before this, vape pens could overheat and burn the oil. Again, we’ll let the CEO of Airgraft explain:


“Many vaporization devices available on the market today employ extremely simple technologies that just burn extracts, and the experience isn’t quite right for the user,” explained Barbaric. “Imagine using a stovetop that has only two temperature settings – off and high – to boil oil. At one point it will start boiling and then immediately start burning, thus changing the molecules. When the cannabis extract is overheated, the molecular structure of the oil is altered. You’re producing chemicals you didn’t mean to create, chemicals which consumers definitely shouldn’t be putting into their bodies.”


For those who like to vape, this is a game-changer.


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