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Travel can be frustrating enough these days without last minute packing emergencies. For years, we jetted-around for business and these tips have saved us many a headache!

1.) Always have your toiletry bag packed. Make a habit of re-filling and checking it once you get back from a trip, so there’s one last thing to do as you’re running around the day before a flight.

2.) Wear your heaviest shoes/ boots on the plane to save space in your luggage. Wear the winter coat, which doubles as a blanket or pillow for a long haul.

3.) Bring a couple of mask packets to revitalize your skin after a skin-drying flight. We like the Purlisse Blue Lotus treatment sheet masks which won’t open in your luggage (no matter how much TSA paws through it.) $36 for a pack of six.

4. Short trip? Make your makeup multi-task, like the Stowaway brand which are not only tiny but you can use the blush as also your lipstick. We travel with their ‘Everyday Kit’ which has everything you need in just the right (small) sizes. $79.

5. Infinity scarves. You’ve seen celebs dashing to the airport in them and there’s a reason. Not only can you wear them a million ways but they’ll keep your warm (since blankets on planes are just now for international flights.) Boo!

Safe travels!