Another day, another White House scandal. It’s hard to keep up. In the latest episode of ‘How The White House Stinks’, we find out that when Trump couldn’t get the White House lawyer or his then chief-of-staff John Kelly to approve security clearances for his daughter and her hubby, Jared, he went rogue and got the high-level security badges anyway. (Sounds of gasps from all of us watching at home.)

But there’s more! Remember when blonde bimbo Ivanka swore to ABC that ‘her dad’ had “no involvement” in getting security clearances for her or her husband? Drama.

In the next scene, the evil Sarah Sanders tried to dismiss the swirling storm by using her most repeated phrase : “The White House doesn’t comment on (insert anything here.)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s soap opera, courtesy of Trump and his corrupt family. 

This accusation contradicts Ivanka Trump’s recent denial to ABC that her dad had “no involvement” in getting security clearances for her or her husband, Jared Kushner. Remember, just last week The New York Times reported that Trump ordered Kelly to grant Kushner a clearance despite concerns raised by intelligence officials. Press secretary Sarah Sanders said the White House doesn’t “comment on security clearances.”

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