Despite the fact that active military are required to keep their political views private — and certainly not participate in any political activities — Trump did what he always does and turned the visiting-the-troops event into a campaign rally for himself.

At his ‘surprise’ visit Wednesday to the war zone at an air base west of Baghdad, instead of thanking the troops for their service, he riled against the Democrats, pushed his wall policy, and continued to maintain that he was the first President to give the military their first pay raise in more than 10 years. That’s ‘Fake News’, as has been proven over and over.

More controversially, he signed red MAGA hats with the troops and in at least one photo, posed with a service member who was holding a Trump-Pence campaign sign.

“Trump has blurred the line between the office of the presidency and the campaign to such a degree that it is making it much more difficult for troops to make that distinction on their own,” said military analyst John Kirby, a former Pentagon spokesman.

“I hope that in the wake of the images that came out, military leaders there and here in DC are taking a look at the protocols and procedures … of briefing service members before these types of visits … particularly by this President,” he said. “It’s bad enough that Trump doesn’t see a problem with signing campaign paraphernalia at a military base, maybe even more so that some of our troops are OK with it.”