The story so far: White House banned CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, for….doing his job. In a video that hs now gone viral, the responsible journalist is seen holding on to the mic so he can ask a question while a pushy intern tries to pry it away from him.

So on Tuesday, CNN sued the White House on the basis of the Fifth Amendment which is the right to due process.

Predictably, Trump fired back. First, he tweeted that Acosta is ‘bad for the country,’ then added ‘(Acosta) ‘is just somebody who gets up and grandstands. He doesn’t even know what he’s asking you half of the time.’

‘We’ll see how the court rules,’ Trump growled on a phone interview, asking whether ‘it[‘s] freedom of the press when somebody comes in and starts screaming questions and won’t sit down.’





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