Did you know that forests absorb carbon dioxide amounting to more than 10 percent of U.S. annual greenhouse gases? Trees basically act as ‘carbon sinks.’

That’s why President Biden will sign an executive order Friday which will help mitigate some of the damage done by the climate crisis on our forests.

The bill will help reduce the risk of wildfires, fight global deforestation, using nature itself to decrease pollution.


The order will also direct the federal government to develop reforestation targets for the year 2030 and would use “nature-based solutions” to help accomplish that. That includes “everything from restoring marshes, to planting shade trees, to promoting drought-resistant crops,” the White House said.

In Australia, the director of the Global Carbon Project, an Australia-based scientific group that produces global carbon budgets, said that reforestation “won’t fix the climate problem, albeit it should be part of the solution.”