Layering creams and serums on our faces is so old school.

Tech has revolutionized almost everything and now it’s coming for your skincare.

Using something called  ‘Magnetic Misting and Ultrasonic Diffusion technologies’, the RÉDUIT device delivers micro-mist treatments which reportedly overcome skin barriers and deliver active ingredients ‘deeper into the skin.’

As any dermatologist will tell you, a cream/serum doesn’t do any good unless it penetrates the skin and is absorbed.

Powered by NASA technology, the handheld RÉDUIT BOOST’s smart technology apparently identifies the active ingredients present in the skincare products for each user and tailors a unique “waveform” via ‘pulsed electromagnetic field technology’ to push the right ingredients into the skin at the required depth.

The cute little Boost glides easily over the skin, delivering alternating vibrations for a relaxing, facial massage vibration, but most importantly, is said to get the ingredients across the skin barrier so they can work.

And yes…there’s an APP for that. Just pair the device with your phone.

 $199 at